S1 E9 Galatians Session 5

Is that of children? Sons and. So where he says at this point. All of you are here. It’s a great it’s the same word used of Jesus, the son of God, curious to there is used of us, Hilliary to their. Now, how is it that we become sons of God? And verse twenty seven says that having been baptized into Christ. And Greg is Enduro, we’re literally close with crossed. And this image is that because we and the nature of the relationship we enter with Christ is so all embracing, God no longer sees us that sees him.

This is this is the very nature of an exchange which takes place. In other words, that when God looks at us, he no longer sees this Austinite. He sees this as righteous. Because we’re close with Christ himself, I guess it’s like the image of someone from the theater or whatever who takes on the character of someone else, and they’re not the same for who they really are. This is the. And if that’s true, then this is the issue.

If it’s twenty seven, it’s true that he does not see as he sees Christ. And verse twenty eight follows. It doesn’t see us as Jews or Gentile. He doesn’t see statues of grapes. He sees Christ. He doesn’t see this as slaves or free is he’s crossed. He doesn’t see this as male or female. He seizes. And so. If he says was 29, if you are of Christ, then you are the seed of Abraham now who is the seed of Abraham?

For him, all the world is to be blessed. And this is a concept that we are in. We as the body of Christ. And where is according to promise? Now, is that by becoming sons, we’ve become is we’ve become is the promises that God made to Abraham. So all of these voices speak of our newfound status in the eyes of God. We’re not on the custody, not under construction and no longer babies. Now with some.

In baptism, we share across cross and status. Now, the six nation employment effect our relationship with God. We become equally become heirs of the promise made to Abraham, promise of God’s blessing. If we pause there and understand that this is full statement. And let’s go back for a moment to Genesis Chapter one. And so the nature of the creator. Genesis one, verse twenty six. This is God said, let us make man in our image and likeness, let him rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and have the livestock of all earth and all the creatures that move along the ground.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God, he created him male and female. He created them. You know, the the word atom, which we get, man. You know, is a generic term covering male and female. And equally made in the image of God and equally given Dominion first twenty eight to Genesis 128, God bless them, meaning male and female, he said, wouldn’t be fruitful. Increase the number, feel the earth and subdue rule over the fish of the sea in the birds of the air of every living creature that moves on the ground.

And in other words, the meaning is given equally to male and female, because they’re both Atum, you know, they’re both men, they’re both of that which God has chosen to give this dominion. Now, if we follow through the stories. In genesis of what follows the creation. That was in the order of creation in Genesis one, we get. Man, meaning male and female, given common dominion to rule and exercise authority when we’re neither male or female is in submission to one another.

Genesis one is now Hinde. Of male dominance over the female. When the fall occurs and sin occurs. The curve we got against the three. You are immersed in the curse, the serpent. And then a 15, you get the curse upon the woman, I’ll put enmity between you and the woman and between her offspring, you’re sorry and still referring to the the serpent will crush your head and your fate to the woman. He says, I will increase your pains and child bearing with pain.

You give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over you. And this is a curse. This is not a created order. This is the first. Lauren, and then he gets his own curse, which is the nature of the in his encounter with the Earth and. The Hard Library Institute now there, the curse, that’s the curse which comes in the division and dominance and oppression which exists between the female.

Now, you go back to Galatians three and we find that as we’ve just read in Galatians three, in Christ, the curse is broken. And the nature of the curse, which is sin, is whatever is destructive in any

relationship, is what Christ seeks to overcome. He seeks to overcome the enmity which exists between man and God. In that primary relationship, he seeks to overcome the enmity which exists between man and man, and violence, seeks to overcome the the enmity and the oppression of the female by the male.

And what we do here in Galatians three is twenty six. Twenty seven is pulsing in Christ. When we come into a relationship with Christ, there is a restoration back to our status with God at Genesis one, the creation. Why, man, Adam? Male and female, this God said he does not see the gender issue. And we can we can, uh. And Rasselas, we’ve done when I talked three Corinthian’s and I talked her first and second, Timothy lucid passages, which kind of had to be understood by that.

But Paul, really, his understanding is the nature of the greatness of the work which Christ did on the cross, which was one of reconciliation and the breaking of the curse. For the purposes of this. He cannot say. To women, you are an heir of the Jewish culture. If this woman is still perceived by women. Because under Jewish culture, women were not as. The only for the mouse. That was a culture in which property and possessions passed from son, from father to son, from father to son to father son.

You couldn’t be a woman and be an heir. And the Jewish culture, the culture of it, Paul, understood. So the moment he said. To them that that you are neither male or female and you are an heir and then begins to speak of is you understand the totality of the fact that Paul believes he no longer sees us in our relationship with God in sexual terms. Having said that, we turn now to Chapter four for this one.

Paul is going to introduce this time element, which says that Azealia doesn’t mean you get it. The sense now is what’s left to you in the world, you may well be the heir, but still you may have to wait. Knows there is a whole changing of the nature of our relationship with God, our status with God. That ought not to lead us to believe that instantly everything which is done for us in the cross is available to us now.

And if I were. I’m not teaching Galatians. Let’s say I was doing a teaching on heeling. I would I would stop here and say. Therefore, to say, for example, that hiring is in the alignment across the board for not just Resendes sic sicknesses, that it’s one of the benefits of the death of Christ. Is hearing. I would say, yes, I believe that it’s true. That does not mean that I can get that benefit now.

Because there’s a timeline involved. Yes, it’s part of my inheritance, ultimately, Poland, right? Talk about the redemption of our body. And I begin to say, well, you can’t build a whole theology of healing just on the fact that healing is in the atonement. You’ve got to understand. Well, yes, but is it available to you now? Is it an inheritance I can get access to now? But I’ve got two sons, and they’re.

At their age, there are over twenty one. The trouble is they kind of get it till I die. But if I died when they were. Eight or 10, they still couldn’t get it. That is the element we have to explore in terms of people’s understanding of of the weighty. So would you like would you like to report just for a little bit and. And this this wonderful passage from twenty three, the end of Galatians three. Which is if we really son the.

Then then now a woman, for example, should approach God in prayer with any sense of irony, a woman. Or somehow less than the men or in somehow God sees me differently. The issues of prayer, the issues of the nature of the relationship and the issues of family, because we’re a mixed culture group here tonight, I mean, we’re all grown up in cultures where there are distinctions made, the issue of inheritance between male and female. Increasingly breaking down, but still strong.

And in cultures like the maybe one of you like to ask questions like that on. But this is not teaching and healing, and I want to unpack this whole thing. I would relate and question for the tape is, how does the time line work in terms of, say, something like healing? I’d make a comment like, well. It’s like a solicitor who’s the trustee of the will, the executor of the will. And you’re the only son and heir.

But you’re under age and you want to go to university. And go along, knock on the door, ask for an

appointment and say, look, I want to go to university on the air. You’ve got discretion under the will to pay educational expenses. Will you help me go through university? And then it’s the decision of the executive as to whether or not you do or don’t get the money to go to university. And that in approaching God for healing and that you but you have every right to ask because you there.

You know, and you have every right to think that the executive will act fairly and. With compassion, with mercy, and they say approaching that kind of way. But you also have the understanding he might just say no. You don’t have a right to demand, you have a right to ask. And the right to ask begins immediately that you become an air. It will be the sovereign will of. Of God as to whether he chooses to heal or not.

Which is why in a church, you pray and you see miracles of healing, you see people die as well. Equally with the same amount of fire. Equally as equally believing in the work of the cross. God still is still there at the throne. As the sovereign lord exercising him, he’ll have mercy on me, won’t. Yeah, you know, as I say, I’m not teaching here on healing because it’s it’s never simple. But this this issue of inheritance is a very important one for so many of the blessings that we might think of.

I would say, well, I’m an air and. And one might well say also on. Unless now’s the time. So we move on this one. But I say for as long as. The longest time is the air is an infant, it is no different than a slave. That’s in. Even though he owns the whole estate now, even though he’s kind of literally there is kind of a lot of all without all his debts and potentially.

This is very important for us, speaking about our status with Christ. We need to acknowledge that we’re no longer slaves to sin. We’ve become Charles. No infants kept under the direction instruction of the law were moved on from that. Fighters come into our lives and we’ve become sons and heirs. They even as did not inherit their inheritance until the proper time. In many ways, you know, when I first read these notes I used are described as the time between Friday and Sunday.

In many ways, the cross has taken place in their life, we’ve been crucified with Christ, that’s Galatians to. But the sun hasn’t come yet and we’ve not been raised with that new resurrection body, and I believe he’s not we’ve not seen him at all. Sunday, in a sense, will mean for us to come on a Saturday experience for us. The symbol of the period of our lives between our baptism, which is that there. And the resurrection, which is to come.

Who speaks of this period? It speaks of confidence of being a is. How do we know where he is, he says. He says with two. That person is subject to guardians and trustees until the time set by his father. So also when we were children, we were slaves under the basic principles of the world. But when the time had fully come, God sent his son, born of one, born on the Lord, to redeem those under the law that we might receive the full rights of sons.

And because your son’s God is said, the spirit is of his son in our hearts, the spirit. Whereby we call out our father so in No Longer a slave, but a son. And since you’re a son, God has made you also. Let’s let’s have a look at this verse in some expanded forms reaching across to Romans eight. The Romans inside. The 16. Of those, 15 people did not receive the. That makes you a slave again to feel, but you see the spirit of sonship.

And by him, we have a father, the spirit himself. Testifies with expert that we are children of God. And if we look also at a Faison’s chapter one. Verse 13. And it says your senses in Ivy and you also were included in cross when you heard the word of the truth, the gospel of your salvation, having Bill and after having believed you are marked by him with the seal of the holy, the promise of the Holy Spirit.

He’s is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance. Until the redemption of those who are God’s possession. And I was there and the old King James used to call it funny term, it’s the Ernest. Our inheritance now, that’s not a word I’ve heard it ever since I read the King James Bible. But it’s a sense of that when someone is acknowledged as an air. There’s there’s a serial. Or a mock applied. Which is an identification that this person is a recognized a.

Kind of a deposit given by the trustee to someone which is evidence to everyone that they are recognized there. And that what is it we receive, which. Gives us the assurance we really are and the answer is the presence of Elizabeth. In polling room, and it makes this bland statement, if you do not have the spirit of Christ, you do not belong to. And this is this is now what are we talking about here, where we’re talking about an inner work of the spirit?

Where the Holy Spirit bears witness with Asper that we’re a child of God. Well, we hear the gospel and repent, we believe we are baptized, we submit the lordship of Christ, and in response to this, after all of that process, then we are sealed in our hearts with the Holy Spirit, the presence of Christ comes into our life. And that’s the inner witness of the Holy Spirit. And this is how we know we’re a child of God.

One last first one, John, chapter three, first John three. Anvers. Well, certainly for those who, by his comments, live in him and hang them, and this is how we know. That he lives in as we know it, by the spirit it gives us. And inside the human spirit is is a tangible evidence that our status has changed. Let me tell you what this transaction is not like. I hear the gospel. I’m sorry for my sins.

I asked Jesus to come into my life by faith. Because I’ve said the right word. I believe God has heard me and I therefore believe that I’m saved. I’m a child of God because I said the right words. That’s not a problem. That’s not what John believes. Neither of them believe that we know we’re saved on the basis of our theology. And what we believe, the way we express heavily. He says that that if we have heard the gospel, if we have responded with true repentance, if we have real faith in Christ.

Then God responds to that by sealing us with the Holy Spirit and that the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives is the evidence that our faith is real. I don’t know, it’s God’s way of affirming to us that we really are sons and daughters of God. This is not just something we have to accept by faith, this is something which ought to be real in our hearts and our lives. Because the truth is, unless the spirit of Christ dwells in a.

We will have no power to overcome, Steve. Somewhere back in the days of the war, we may know what’s right and I was wrong. It would be totally powerless to overcome it unless the presence of the spirit of Christ is in our. And if this is the whole argument for an ex, you have to write a rhyme and say, because if the spirit of Christ is in us, he is able to set us free. As slavery, Justin.

I you know, I’m greatly concerned today. And various aspects of the church, whether it’s the evangelical church or whether it’s the Pentecostal church, I find the same thing, in fact. The people who are saying, I’m a Christian, I’m a child of God, I’m an A. And is now evidence of the work of the spirit in their lives. There’s no there’s no evidence of their life being profoundly changed to getting victory over Sen.. There’s none of the fruits of the spirit evident of the spirits work.

You ask them, well, how do you know you’re Christian? And I said, well, I responded to a gospel call and I went forward and I said I prayed the prayer that I was led to pray for. And therefore, I’m a Christian. And that’s not progress, not what Paul is saying to us. Paul is saying to us in reality that. That John says the same, how do we know we live in him and keep his commitments by the spirit which is given to him in the spirits, spirit bears witness to aspirate the word child of God.

And we live in a day and age of people who are paranoid about experience in the church. Well, if there’s no experience of God, if there is no experience of the spirit, there’s no church. There may be a group of people sitting around holding philosophical discussions, but not the truth. Because unless the spirit of Christ is there, Christ is not the. Irrespective of what singing I believe, as I say this, this is not to me, this is not an evangelical thing or Pentecostalism thing.

You can find the same thing in in all the traditions of people who got a Bible classes and. Learn what the Bible says, but has no experience of the entwining Christ. So back to Galatians. So. Bayani has its limitations. Well, seven, so we are no longer a slave, but a sun, and since you are a sun, God has made you an air. Now, what’s most concern is that there is concerns in terms of the Galatians, his concern.

Is that Wall Street waiting as an air? Whilst this sounds. His concern is they stop living like slaves. That’s what is less what he’s looking for in their life. But they no longer act like slaves, that they act like sons. Nahles Kings’. You know, I’ve I’ve gone through these fads, I at one stage, people were handing out these badges, I’m a king’s kid, you know, I’m a king, I’m a ruler. I’m pulling Corinthian’s as well.

I wish that were true that I might rule with you. We are, we are, and we are is. And Paul is quite content, really, if we can move from being slaves. My son’s. Wearside. Probably when you did not know God, you were slaves to those who by nature were not gods. Now that you Nagato rather than Bogarde, how is it that you turning back to those weak and miserable principles, do you wish to be enslaved by them all over again?

And he kind of lists the signs of what they call slavery they were under. It is you’re observing special days and months and seasons and years, I fear for you. And somehow I’ve wasted my efforts on you, unless I’m aware of the kind of the group I’ve got here, let’s let’s take some analogies. Let’s say you’re talking about someone who supposedly converted from Buddhism. To Christianity. And as a Buddhist has been enslaved to going to the temple of special festivals and offering whatever and when they when they abandoned Buddhism and become Christians.

Their whole attitude towards church is the same. No sense of grace, no sense of faith, no sense of acceptance, still trying to placate God and gain his acceptance and offering of sacrifice. Still, Flav’s. Verse 11, he says, I fear that somehow I’ve wasted my efforts on you. I plead with your brothers. Become like me or I became like, you know, he died to to that kind of life, you’ve done me no wrong.

As you know, it was because of an illness that I first preach the gospel to you. Even though my illness was a trial to you, you did not treat me with contempt or scorn, that you welcomed me as if I were an angel of God, if I were Christ himself. What’s happened to all your joy? I can testify that if you could have, you would have thrown out your eyes and given them to me. Am I now become your enemy by telling the truth?

So what do you reckon his illness was? Yeah, he had he had difficulty saying. He had an eye infection fact practice a there’s some of the commentators would say that he went to the areas of Galatia. We get up in the mountains where it’s cooler. To to escape from the community, to give his eyes a chance to be healed. But it seems to be an affliction which never left Paul. One of the interview, one of his letters is to see with what large letters I’m writing common to those with poor eyesight authenticate the letter.

They fail to realize that if you really sons, you don’t have to. You stands with the father, gives you freedom fries, freedom to ask, you’re not trying to earn favor through through the nature of the religion. Then there were 17. That is, people are zealous to win you over. But for now, good, what they want is to alienate you from us so that you may be zealous for them. It’s fine to be zealous, provided the purpose is good and the base are always and not just when I’m with you, my dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is forming you.

How I wish I could be with you. Now and change my time because I’m perplexed about you. Something about the nature of. The seduction of zealotry. Well, the simplicity aside. Is initially appealing to us. Whereas in our simplicity, we respond in faith to the gospel, humble ourselves before God. You know, we get Save the Holy Spirit comes in us, we begin to grow. And then. When someone comes along to us and offers us a path.

Spiritual growth. Which seems to be more zealous than what we are. But we’re attracted to it. We’re attracted to it in the subtlety of it. Is it the very nature of it shifts us from grace and faith? To a life of such self-surrender and self-sacrifice and self suffering. And we just subtly seduced away from Grise. Into self-righteousness. And if Sarah Palin. Seems to emerge just like a. It seems to emerge in the church every 20, 30 years.

And knowing the history of, say, Sydney. And the Bible based churches, that it is kind of a movement

which says if you would just be zealous in the way we say. You can be a supersized. You can be an overcomer in some extraordinary way. Go extraordinarily yuzu. You know, the people who who get tempted by. Not the backslidden, lukewarm Christian. It’s those who are most wanting to be used by God. And when it came in the late 30s and again in the late 40s and then in the 70s of last century was there were like movements which targeted some of the best and brightest of the young people in the Christian groups.

These people came in and began to offer a teaching to them, which would be saying, if you really love God, let’s define for you what zealousness means. And zealousness was away from what they had been taught. And Paul’s case, it’s yes, toward the law. And may God give us wisdom. Because, you know, sometimes it’s a movement, but sometimes it’s it’s less subtle. It’s like an old Christian friend who we’ve not seen for a long while.

And we kind of made them there’s something different about them, it’s kind of a new intensity of their fight. New Zealand. And they say, you know, how’s your faith in you and your you’re saying, well, you know, good times and bad days, sometimes a struggle and sometimes it’s great and sometimes God answers my prayers, sometimes the heavens or as brass and, you know, very biblical movies, you know. And I and I said, oh, you know.

I’ve entered into the exchange, lord. You know, well, you know. Uh, you know, Brother Lee and the great Bible teacher. Well, one of his disciple and witness, Lee. You know, he’s carrying on for years, gone from I now got to his church and it’s just wonderful, you know. And it’s just a seductive. It’s the seduction. And it is within the poll’s language. You never listen to it, he says.

These people are zealous to win you over, but for not good. What they want to do is alienate you from us. It this is this what happens? If you ever had an Al Christian friend come along to you and say, you know, try and drive a wedge between you and your church and you and your other Christian friends, and, you know, because if they can separate you from the influence, you’re on the. They can then exert control over.

It’s the nature of the cults. And that’s what happens. And Paul kind of feels that so strongly. And now before we get to twenty one, which is the last election, we’re kind of going to go into this next section where he wants to he feels the need to re validate his message with them, which will go back to. And this this last section is a very good issue for us to talk about. And we might for a moment just switch the tape off here.

Pollsters tell me you want to be under the law because that’s the nature of what they’re being told. Faith is not enough. They’ve also got to become Jews and live under the law. I am not aware of what the law says and. Let me just take take a side of the law. And the way she went running, like Paul writes, when he uses the word law, can be used in about four different ways. The world law, none of us can simply mean what we call the Old Testament.

He can he can use it for the scriptures and. It can be used also for the first five books of the Bible. It is excessive, it is no Girolami. And sometimes when he’s talking about the law, he’s talking about the five. Thirdly, it can be used of the ritual or. All the rituals to be observed. And sometimes when he just refers to the law, he’s referring to the ritual. And fourthly. It can be used specifically of the Ten Commandments.

It is just one little chapter. Deuteronomy. How do you know? Richard, before different messages. Is referring to the. Well, the answer is only from context. There’s no other way, he just. I would just use them that way, and I suppose this. So I sign the New Testament says. We wait minutes in the New Testament that we actually mentioned part of the New Testament and is probably in the book, and I like sometimes the gospel writers say somewhere it says, hey, I kind of like that.

So. It is written that Abraham had two sons were somewhere in Genesis, Ron. One by Survivorman, the other by a free one. Son by the Slav woman was born in the ordinary way, the. And we thought there was one way. But he said the freedom was born as the result of a promise. That’s a distinction,

that’s the one promise. These things may be taken figuratively. Now it’s now over, it’s a historic reality. This happened, he’s going to use it as a picture or as an image.

Well, women represent two continents now this stop right there. What’s a covenant? Covenant is an agreement between two parties. Where one is making promises, the other is keeping obligations. And as a result of a promise, if the promise, the obligations are met, the promises fulfilled. So that’s what a covenant is. Covenant is an agreement where one makes a promise to the other, if he does one thing, they’ll do another. One could pick it apart a little bit more than that, but there is normally something which happens to bind the cabinet.

He says. There’s 20 to Ibraham, two sons, one by the Slive, one by the free son of the slave was born the Illinois, the son of the three was born without the promise. These things might be taken physically, figuratively for the women. Represents to Covenant’s one covenant is from Mt. Sinai. That’s where the law allows the. The wife. And Hagerstown Saman Sunny in Arabia and corresponds to the prison city of Jerusalem because she’s in slavery with her children.

And this is the. The earthly Jerusalem, which for poll stands for the place where the people come from, who continually harassing him and teaching his converts to become Jews. As Jerusalem is, is where the Judaize is are coming from. And, John, it’s like it’s like John, speaking of roamers and. By the Jerusalem that is above is free and she is our mother. What is written, Igloria, ban women having children break 4th of.

And crime lab, you have you have nine labor pains because more of the children of the desolate woman are those of her who has now has been. And your brothers are like Isaac, are children promised? They get Isaac and Ishmael. What an hour west was Jerusalem, which is about, well, if I don’t think Paul is actually talking literally about Jerusalem, I’m not saying there isn’t a spiritual Jerusalem. We know that from the Book of Revelation or the Hebrews, although I just think he says, is he saying Islam above is the place where God’s promise comes from?

And in a sense of children promise children of the Earth and some. At that time, twenty nine. Assembled in the ordinary way, persecuted the sun, born by the power of the spirit, Ishmail Biscuit’s Isaac. And it’s the same same now. You’re saying he says that the. Particularly the Jewish church. All of this is being persecuted. By the Jews who are staying rigidly adherence to the law. What is the scripture say? Get rid of the slave woman, her son.

For the slave woman, son will never share in the inheritance with a free woman, son. Therefore, brothers, we are not children of the slave of the free world. And this is going to kind of set us up for Galatians five, but right at the beginning, because Paul says if you leave as slaves, you’re under the law, you’ve fallen from grace, moved away from faith, and you’re not going to share in the inheritance. So the inheritance is only for the promise.

The image is not that difficult kind of imagery, figurative imagery, you using this story, which they’re all familiar with. In terms of the two children, but what does it mean for us? That’s the issue. I mean, for us, it means that for me, if I’m going to enter into the Herald, I’ve got to continue with the simplicity of faith. My faith is in God, my faith is not in myself, my faith is not in what I know, my faith is not in what I do.

Our faith is in him. It’s it gets out of that faith, which is humility. Then I’ll then seek to want to love. And I find myself in love, fulfilling all the requirements for. It’s out of my faith in God’s love for me. I will want to make a profound difference in the life of others, care for others, do good friends and son. And we’re going to get into that in the beginning of the operations, five weeks is not a circumcision or circumcision of any consequence, rather faith working to allow.

And so, you know, ask us as individuals that we really ponder, I suppose, continually upon what basis do I see my relationship with God? He is the son of God, the. Daughter of God, I mean Christ. No longer anything would you buy me from him, I have this wonderful stuff, how do I have it? And today. The end of the day, I can say, Lord. Still believe. Still believe it’s nothing that I do.

Still believe it’s a response of your grace that I’m your child. I haven’t done anything today to earn it any more, you love what I’ve sought to do today is my response to your. I don’t wake up feeling condemned. That’s like gut feeling inadequate. I wake up and I feel to myself again. But because I have believed. Because I have the witnesses within me. His child, therefore name. They want to live a life, not as a slave, as a free.

Because all of us, you know, as soon as I finish with this. These were some Romans, Romans five. And. Or we, as Romans say, he is getting five or I’m in that process, therefore there is now no condemnation. For those who are in Jesus. Because through Christ Jesus, the law of the spirit of life has set me free. And a law of sin and the. But what the law was powerless to do.

And that it was weakened by the sinful nature God did by sending his own son in the likeness of sinful men to be an offering, a sin offering. And so he condemned sin and sinful man. In order that the righteous requirements of the law might be fully met in an. Do you live according to this information? Well, according to Spirit. And so there’s no condemnation for. That rochus, this is not based on what we do, but rather what Christ has done for.

Larry, it’s the battle for most of us at times. We feel condemned, unworthy. We’re not giving up all those things, we come back to the fact that we’re sons by grace. That’s how we overcome. And we overcome condemnation. We don’t ever come on the notion of being perfect. We were down to overcome condemnation by trying to be more zealous. We overcome it by accepting that in Christ. I’m now a child of God, Rifat.

Lord, your servant, Paul, even at the end of his life. Spoke of the awareness of his sinfulness already done. Persecuting the church. Oh, he never forgot the grace you showed towards him. Preach, Grace, live the life of Christ. It was strong and empowered by Your Grace. I pray that will be true for each one of us. In Jesus name.